Practical Data Quality

Monday, 5 June, 2017
1 day
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CDMP Boot Camp

Measuring progress of a Data Quality initiative

The course, illustrated with real case studies covers:

  • What is Data Quality vs Data Quality Management and why does it matter?
  • The DAMA dimensions of Data Quality, plus alternative views on Data Quality dimensions.
  • The relationship between dimensions, measures, metrics along with their applicability.
  • The benefits and impact of Data Quality.
  • A reference model for Data Quality functions, capabilities, tools and reporting. What to look out for in a good reference model.
  • The relationship between Data Quality, Data Governance and the other Information disciplines.
  • Starting and sustaining a Data Quality initiative: steps for achieving Data Quality.
  • Quality success, the activities, the structures required and the foundational activities.
  • Data quality tooling; what can it do & what it can’t.
  • Myths & traps about data quality & how to avoid them.
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